Solvang Century 2012 Report
It was the day before the annual Solvang Century 100 mile bicycle ride. I’ve done this ride since 2006 and it has become a ritualistic event. Ed, Danny and I carpooled. As we drove through the early Friday afternoon, we listened to Ed's oldie music: America, the Beatles, and Beach Boys. We had our only mechanic problem of the whole trip. My front wheel which was on the roof rack came off the rack, but held in place by a cable that Ed wisely ran through the bikes and wheels from prior experience, but amazingly my skewer came completely off and was lost! Fortunately Ed had a spare in his tool kit. We got to the hotel at about 3:30 pm and relaxed until dinner. We meet our teammate Paul for dinner at the World Famous Anderson’s split pea more 

Q. Does a more expensive bicycle helmet protect my head better?

A. No, all bicycle helmets are made to the same safety specifications. The difference in price will be seen in such areas as the weight of the helmet, the amount of cooling vents, the quality and comfort of the straps and adjustment system, and the overall look of the helmet.

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