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Recommended Equipment To Carry While Cycling

It is better to have it, and not need it, than need it, and not have it.

Q. What should I carry while cycling?

A. Here are some items that most cyclist keep in their under-seat bag.

• Pump

• Multi tool

• Patch kit (Glueless)

Presta to Schrader adaptor (This adaptor (about $.99) is necessary to inflate your tire with a standard Schrader pump, like at a gas-station)

• Tire levers (to remove your tire from the rim)

• Cash (just in case, I leave $20 in fives in my under-seat bag)

• Identification (I wear an army style dog tag that goes around my neck - that way there is no need to carry my wallet) 

• Cell phone (if you get a old cell phone and charger without a service plan, you can still call 911)

• Sunglasses (it is very important to have eye protection while cycling)