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What are clip-on aerobars and, are they worth getting?

posted Jan 24, 2011, 8:23 AM by Michael Gardner
Areobars clip on to your existing handlebar.  They position your arms for cycling long distances with less wind resistance.  But because you don’t have brakes on the aerobars, you must take extra care while using them.  To brake, you have to move your hands, so it takes you longer to stop.

(1) You rest your fore-arms on the aerobars, causing you to be more aerodynamic.
(2) Using aerobars puts you into a more comfortable position than using your drop bars.

(1) Brakes and shifters are on the handle bar, so you must move your hands to shift and brake.
(2) Aerobars are closer together, so you don’t have as much control, causing your front wheel to “wobble” back and forth while riding.  This wobbling can lead to accidents if you are riding close to another rider.

Ideal conditions for riding with aerobars: riding by yourself, on a long straight street or path that is level or slightly rolling train.