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What are clipless pedals?

posted Jan 10, 2011, 1:04 PM by Michael Gardner

Clipless pedals are a combination of special shoes and matching pedals. The shoes have cleats attached to the bottom of the soles that clip into specially designed pedals. When your shoes are clipped to the pedals, they won’t slip off, and you can pull up on the pedals as you are riding, not just push down, thus having the ability to have your legs go faster without slipping off the pedals. This makes the transfer of power to the pedals more efficient, and makes it easier to generate more power and greater speed throughout the pedal stroke. Most cyclists prefer, because the sole of cycling shoes are a lot stiffer than tennis shoes, you don’t feel the pedal through the shoe. Tennis shoes also lack support for the arch (mid-sole) of your feet, which can causes pain in your feet. To disengage from the pedals, simply rotate the heals of your feet away from the bike and they will unclip. It is common to tip over at least once while getting used to being clipped in, so some cyclists practice while on grass.